Hackmosphere helps you improving your organization’s IT security and prioritizing the tasks to be implemented.

We provide ethical hacking services for all three links in the cybersecurity chain: cyber, physical and human.


By providing ethical hacking services for all three links in the cybersecurity chain, we can identify your weak points. After the tests, we provide a report presenting the findings, accompanied by the associated recommendations.

These services can take the form of penetration testing for internal infrastructures, IoT, web applications, mobile applications, and more.

Another form also exists, called Red teaming. Here, we are not targeting a specific system but rather a specific objective (becoming a company administrator, taking control of the HR application, etc.). A notion of adversity is also added, where we try to avoid being detected by the “blue team” defense team.

Apart from these intrusion tests, we also offer services such as phishing campaigns or fun cybersecurity training (escape games, etc.).



 Florian Ecard specialized in the field of offensive security after obtaining, in 2015, a Master’s degree from a renowned university. Expert in testing Active Directory environments & ICS industrial networks, as well as phishing campaigns. He founded Hackmosphere in 2018, making his mark in the sector.

Piotr Wiecek, a seasoned IT security consultant and expert in red teaming. Piotr is also a specialist in Active Directory, Cloud and Kubernetes pentesting. He regularly collaborates with Florian to carry out complex and in-depth penetration tests.

The team also benefits from the ad hoc expertise of other cybersecurity consultants, bringing a wealth of diverse skills and experience, reinforcing the effectiveness and scope of our interventions.

Florian Ecard

Florian Ecard

Expert en tests d’intrusion Scada, Active Directory, Web & mobile.

Certifié OSCP & CRTO.

Piotr wiecek

Piotr Wiecek

Expert en tests d’intrusion Web, Active Directory, solutions Cloud et Docker.

Certifié OSCPCRTO, OSWP, CISSP, CISA & Azure Solutions Architect Expert.