Physical penetration testing

These services are about accessing a company’s sensitive data or location. With these tests, we try, for example, to steal a file in the office of a C-level member of the company.

Service physique

Our Physical Services

Test de sécurité physique

Physical security test

This test simulates physical penetration by a malicious stranger. It is intended to reveal the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the physical aspect of security. The objectives defined with the customer may be accessing machines physically, sensitive physical documents, secured rooms or even obtaining a direct access to the network. We will try to access one or more locations, from the outside.

To do so, we will initiate our tests with OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) in order to identify as much online information as possible. We will then do a physical reconnaissance and try to gather as much information as possible, without actually going inside. With the intelligence gathered so fat, we will establish scenarios that need to be approved by our client, and then attempt to breach in physically in order to achieve our objective.

  • }Average time required: 12 days / site
  • From: 6,000 € HT / site